London Enriched: The research behind the report

London Enriched Cover

 Published in Migration Pulse:

As reported by MRN, the Greater London Authority (GLA) has this month published the Year 2 Implementation Plan for London Enriched, the Mayor’s refugee and migrant integration strategy. In Year 1, London Enriched focused on refugee integration. The Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at Oxford University wrote the evidence base that informed the development of the Year 2 plan. At the end of our report, there was a “framework of interventions”, setting out some of the areas of possible action suggested by the evidence. Some of these areas have helped shape the GLA’s priorities for the coming year. There are eight major themes in the implementation plan, with a number of priorities and objectives set out under each. In this post, we will not look at all of these, but instead focus on a few areas which we think are particularly important. READ THE REST

About the research:

London stands out from the rest of the UK in the number of residents born overseas, but also as the favoured UK destination for young and economically active migrants.

To inform its work on maximising the opportunities and addressing the challenges, the GLA (Greater London Authority) commissioned COMPAS, the ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy and Society at Oxford University, to provide a comprehensive report on migration and integration in London. The report, ‘An evidence base on migration and integration in London’, includes a review of the latest demographic data on the capital, showing the changing nature of migration in London and a review of the evidence on barriers to and opportunities for integration for London’s migrants.

This work was carried out by Hiranthi Jayaweera, Sarah Spencer and myself. Here is the COMPAS webpage on the workHere is the reportHere is a Migration Observatory policy briefing based on it.

This is the issue of the Migrant Resource Centre’s New Londoners magazine that Hiranthi Jayaweera and I contributed to on our London report.

Here is our article, “Living Together“.

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