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AVPS on The Year The Townhall ShrankWill Davies‘ article, The Emerging Neocommunitarianism, which he’s already uploaded a pre-print of, is now published in Political Quarterly. Keith Hart on How the informal economy took over the world. Sarah Mulley asks where now for immigration? Chris Dillow replies IMMIGRATION: LET’S NOT BE REASONABLE. Jenny Pennington says Human trafficking isn’t just about immigration. BenSix rounds up some hate. Ryan Erfani-Ghettani on  anti-Traveller racism and the new localism. Vron Ware on our post-imperial army. Paul Cotterill on the “unpalatable truths” [sic] about Labour’s lost voters. The unkindest cut: Jim Wald on the global circumcision crisis. One law for all: Rahila Gupta on Sharia councils in Britain. Defining antisemitism down: David Hirsh on the EUMC Working Definition. Myriam Cherti on everyday integration. Martin Robb on his extraordinary East End ancestors, seven (I think) generations back.

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