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Another miscellany…


Don Flynn’s migration books of the year.


Trevor Sudano on future cities and dissolving borders. Revanchist urbanism: Amsterdam’s scum villages. The Black Album: Hanif Kureishi in South London.


Nazneen Ahmed on white chicken curry and Bengali history.  A Jay Adler’s reflections on the spirit of resistance. Terry Glavin on crimes of silence. The NYT on James Scott, one of my favourite anthropologists. Who is the “Red One” of Maoz Tzur? Peter Ryley: By request. Martin Robb says not in my name. Norman Geras on Dave Brubeck’s anti-racism. Kenan Malik: Humanism, antihumanism and the radical tradition. HiM@N: Countercultural traces in the Turner Prize. Daniel Trilling with a warning from Athens.

The Melting Pot Generation

Sunder Katwala and Tariq Modood, Omar Khan and Kenan Malik on mixed race Britain. Sarah Mulley on a people at ease with diversity. Rob Ford, Scott Blinder and Will Allen on the Olympic moment.

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