What are they saying about immigration and integration?

Here are some of the key texts from the commentariat on this week’s release of data from the Census 2011 and Labour leader Ed Miliband’s speech on integration. Obviously, links do not imply endorsement.

On integration

Sarah Mulley: Labour’s problem with integration; What a one nation immigration policy might look like. Daniel Trilling: The dangers of hollow populism and tired stereotypes when talking about immigration. Danny Dorling: Ed, English and Embarrassment. Anthony Painter: Despite the angst, diversity is basically working. Sunder Katwala: Can Labour build a Britain that works together? Rob Ford: A Difficult but necessary conversation. Mark Ferguson interviews Ed Miliband. Jill Rutter: Boldness on integration. Hopi Sen: The Novelty of Language Tests and the problem of political change.

Added: Jackie Ashley: Labour can push harder on immigration (and a response by Paul Cotteril: Grammatically, factually and politically incorrect). Justin Baidoo-Hackman: Four Labour myths that scapegoat migrants. Boris Johnson: Let’s not dwell on immigration, but sow the seeds of integration. Added 2: RAMFEL: My name is Ed Miliband and I am not racist.

On demographic change

Full Fact: The devil is in the detail. The Economist: The London effect. Nando Sigona: New migrants, (super)diversity and micropolitics of mixing. Sunder Katwala: We should celebrate the rise of mixed race Britain. Eric Kaufman: White fight from London? David Goodhart: Diverse but apart. Jill Rutter: Census sensationalism. Agata Pyzik: Poles are here to stay. Simon Rocker: The Jewish breakdown – and the full report [pdf] from JPR’s David Graham, Jonathan Boyd and Daniel Vulkan. John Rentoul: The Great immigration conspiracy.

Added: CoDE: More segregation or more mixing? [pdf]; How has ethnic diversity grown 1991-2001-2011? [pdf]


The COMPAS research with evidence on older people in care and the language skills of care workers. My post on some of the principles of integration.

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