Here are some of the really interesting things I’ve read recently. It should go without saying that these links do not imply agreement.


Ta-Nehisi Coates on the good racist people – highly recommended. Also: Liam Hoare on antisemitism in Scandinavia; Matthew Goodwin puts counter-jihadism under the microscope.


Jim Russell at the Sustainable Cities Collective site on Portugal’s out-migration and how it shows that geography not demography is destiny.* To all you wavers: Transpontine on urban civility.


… London’s street typographies; … mutual incomprehension; … global Judaism; … Twitter density;

East End

Sarah Ainslie‘s beautiful portraits of Somali elders.

Border politics

J.A. Myerson with the case for open borders. Mehdi Hasan on listening to public opinion on immigration.

Migration: Borderlands

There have been some dramatic and depressing stories in the news recently about the Sinai and Israel, which are increasingly important nodes on the migration network linking Africa and Europe. This surprisingly sympathetic piece on trafficking in the Sinai was in the Daily Mail.** From the other end of the Levant, here’s a special issue of Ankara University’s SBFDERGİSİ on sub-Saharan Africans in Istanbul.


Israel’s lost cities; Hamburg – port city; being Muslim in Las Vegas.


André Béteille: sociology as vocation.

Location, location, location

Global income inequality by the numbers: in history and now, by Branko Milanovic, plus discussion of it (1,2) by Duncan Green and Ricardo Fuentes.

milanovic marx v migration

[*via Katy; **via Yewa].

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