This page includes a selection of my recent talks, seminar presentations and conference papers.

Facing antisemitism, rebuilding anti-racism“, University of Cambridge Holocaust Memorial Day Lecture, January 2020.

“Jewish East London and the Myths of Integration”, Jewish and Muslim UK Immigration Experiences: Echoes of the Past, Influences on the Present, Cambridge Muslim College/Woolf Institute Cambridge, December 2018.

“Everyday racism and migration: Researching the material and affective impacts of xeno-racism”, Bordering, everyday racism and the ‘hostile environment’ – The Academy of Social Sciences Study Group on Refugees, Migration and Settlement, February 2018.

Structural integration – access to the labour market, education, health care“, Dialogue on Migrants’ Integration – Challenges, Benefits and Good Practices, Tbilisi, Georgia, February 2018.

“Is antisemitism rising, and what can we do about it?” South London Humanists, November 2017.

“Arrival Quarters: Diasporic Cartographies and Migrant Urbanism”, Migrant Cartographies: Cities, Circuits and Circulations, Goldsmiths, May 2017.

Humanity at Sea Maritime Migration and the Foundations of International Law”, Columbia University Global Center Paris, February 2017.

“Failing better at convivially researching spaces of diversity”, Convivial tools for research and practice, UCL/Humboldt, London, November 2016.

“London as migrant metropolis”, Migrant Metropolis, Migrants Rights Network/Autograph ABP, London, September 2016.

“Secularism, faith and community: Laïcité & community”, Religion, social action & urban policy: London & Paris face to face/Religions, action sociale & politique urbaine: Paris & Londres en face à face, CNRS, Paris, March 2016.

Religious Faith, Changing Patterns of Globalisation and Diasporic Belonging: Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Transnational Politics in East London“, CIRIS, Cambridge University, November 2015.

With Mette Berg, “Welfare, neighbourhood and new geographies of diversity: rethinking the ethnography of superdiversity at the margins of the city”, City Seminar: The Margins of the City, CRASSH, Cambridge University, May 2015.

“Researching Integration Comparatively”, MobilityLAB, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, April 2015.

I’m not racist but some of my best friends are: Paradoxes of xenophobia and structures of disavowal”, Centre for Research on Refugees, Migration and Belonging, University of East London, April 2015.

“Understanding conflict and conviviality in diverse European urban neighbourhoods: putting human rights and social justice back into the integration debate”, I International Conference on Cultural Diversity and Conflicts in the EU, University of Valencia, October 2014.

“Neighbourhood, locality, housing”, Towards the Ethnography of Super-Diversity workshop, Max Planck institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen, June 2014.

Intersections: an ethnography of everyday togetherness and intensified diversity in Elephant and Castle” With Mette Berg, Oxford Anthropology seminar, May 2014. [Podcast]

“Is Britain Full Up? Immigration Shock in the 21st Century”, Edge Hill University ethnicity and race seminar series, March 2014.

“Reflecting on European research on integration”, Marie-Curie INTEGRIM workshop, Sussex University October 2013.

“Towards a Cosmopolitan Account of Jewish Socialism: Class, Identity and Immigration in Edwardian London” Class, Identity and Immigration: Radical and communal politics and diasporic identity in the late-Victorian and Edwardian East End Symposium, University of Reading, September 2013.

“Emerging research in human rights: Integration and EU migrant communities as new minorities” Keynote address, Association of Human Rights Institutes annual conference, London September 2013.

Discussant, “Racism, crisis, critique and change” (David Theo Goldberg and Robert Fine) European Sociological Association Semi-Plenary, Turin, September 2013.

With Hannah Jones, “Transnational Soup: Translating Local Integration Policies Across Borders”, Urban Salon, UCL Geography, March 2013.

“Active Citizenship: Impact of differences in the migrant population”, European Commission Expert seminar on “Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship Indicators”, Lisbon, November 2012.

Who are the UK’s New Citizens, and What Can They Tell Us About Processes of Integration?“, Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, University of Bristol, November 2012.

With Hannah Jones, “Transnational soup: translating local integration policies across borders”, Oranges and Apples: Practising Comparison, Goldsmiths University of London, September 2012. [Blog report here.]

Migration: The Local Dimension”, keynote address, NISMP Conference 2012 – Localism and Migration, Belfast, April 2012.

“Jewish community and multicultural London”, London City of Paradox conference, University of East London, April 2012. [Audio here.]

“Global Migration and the Future of the Right to the City: On the Changing Face of the European Metropolis”, INSiS Urban Feast, March 2012.

Leadership and public commitment to migration and integration“, Eurocities Integrating Cities conference, Amsterdam, March 2012.

“Representations of British Muslims and British Jews in the Mainstream Print Media”, Muslims and Jews: Citizenship, Identity and Prejudice in Europe, the US and Israel Workshop, Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism, Birkbeck, London February 2012.

“The methodological challenge of comparative European research”, Research Network 31 Ethnic relations, racism and antisemitism, European Sociological Association mid conference, Geneva, September 2011.

“Who are the UK’s new citizens?” COMPAS Breakfast Briefing, July 2011. [Podcast]

Measuring migrant integration policy“, British Council, London, March 2011.

“Beyond the new racism: the reconfiguration of whiteness in 21st century Britain”, Research Network 31 Ethnic relations, racism and antisemitism, European Sociological Association biennial conference, Lisbon, September 2009.

“Youth geographies of risk in South London”, The Art of Geography: Photography, Youth and European Cities session, American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, March 2009.

With Kalbir Shukra, “Community engagement/ community cohesion: developing more inclusive approaches?”, Community Cohesion and Community Engagement: promoting solidarity in the pursuit of equalities and social justice, Centre for Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement in association with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust Joint Day Seminar, October 2008.

“Young citizens: local inflections of the global”, Signs of the City: Young People’s Photographic Imaginary of the European Metropolis, Goethe Institute, London, October 2008.

“East End Jewish Radicalism”, South London Limmud, July 2008

“War, Terror and the Emergence of Xeno-Racism in Edwardian England” Antisemitism and Islamophobia: Connections/Complexities/Contrasts, UCL Institute of Jewish Studies

“Beyond the numbers game: Evaluating and measuring social impact”, ‘More than Money?’ Measuring Social Impact, Knowledge London and the London Centre for Creative Enterprise May 2008.

“Reaching the ‘Hard to Reach’ on a ‘Difficult’ Estate”, Academic and practitioner aims: a methodological challenge Researching Gypsy Travellers ESRC/NCRM Seminar Series, Southampton University, April 2008.

“Creative Impact: An approach to measuring the impact of knowledge transfer”, LDA Knowledge London Round Table, Central School of Speech and Drama, February 2008

“Beyond the Numbers Game: Measuring the Impact of Participatory Media”, EU EQUAL programme Inclusion Through Media conference, BFI South Bank, November 2007.

With Alison Rooke, “Participatory/Action Research: Warts and All”, Housing Corporation Newtown Neighbourhood Project seminar series, Goldsmiths University of London, September 2007.

With Alison Rooke, “Chavs and Pikeys: What Do Currently Circulating Racialised Images of the White Underclass Tell Us About the Reconfiguration of White Working Class Identities?” Housing Corporation Newtown Neighbourhood Project seminar series, Goldsmiths University of London, September 2007.

with Alison Rooke, “Chavs and Pikeys: What Do Currently Circulating Racialised Images of the White Underclass Tell Us About the Reconfiguration of White Working Class Identities?” Housing Corporation Swanley Neighbourhood Project seminar series, Goldsmiths University of London, September 2007

with Gil Tofell,  “Researching London Jewish Cinema Scenes: The Limits of Memory”, Social Cinema Scenes conference, Methods Lab, Sociology Department, Goldsmiths College, June 2006

“Regeneration in Deptford”, Deptford.TV Remix Conference, Goldsmiths College, March 2006

“The Impact of the Arts on Local Economic Development”, Neighbourhood Renewal Unit Race Equalities Advisory Group seminar, London, December 2005.

“No Ball Games Here: Geographies of Play and Risk”, CUCR Seminar Series Young Urban Lives, November 2005

“Deptford’s Cultural Industries”, Breda University of Professional Education (Netherlands) Creative Industries study trip to London, November 2005.

“Deptford: Building Cultures”, Building Cultures conference/derive, London Centre for Arts and Creative Enterprise, September 2005.

“Ethics and Memory”, ESRC (Re)Creating: Methodologies, Practices, Concepts New Scholars Symposium, Goldsmiths College, September 2005

with Alison Rooke and Debbie Humphry, “Visual Participatory Action Research: Exploring Young People’s Geographies in South East London”, Practice-based research: Inventing methodologies? conference at Goldsmiths College, June 2005

With Michael Keith, “Regeneration Funding After SRB”, Royal Town Planning Institute conference, London, Summer 2005.

“The Impact of the Arts on Local Economic Development”, Thames Gateway Practitioners Forum, University of Greenwich, June 2005.

“Echoes of Kishinev in the East End”, Between the East End and East Africa: “The Jew” in Edwardian Culture conference, AHRB Parkes Centre for the Study of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations in association with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, University of Southampton, July 2003

“Evaluating Sure Start”, London Region Local Evaluators Network, National Evaluation of Sure Start, National Children’s Bureau, July 2003

“Dimensions of Origin: Russian Jewish Marxists in London”, Jewish Questions, Communist Answers Conference, Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture, Leipzig, Germany, November 2001

“Dialogue With The Dead: East London’s Radicals and Narratives of Belonging, Identity and Place”, Confession, Dialogue, Narrative conference, Lillehammer College, Norway, September 2001

“Jewish Radicalism and Jewish Nationalism in World War One London”, The London 2000 International Graduate Student Conference in Jewish Studies, UCL, September 2000

“Ghetto Radicalism: The Jewish East End”, inaugural session of New Voices in Jewish Thought seminar series, Joseph’s Books, London, October 1999

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