Current projects

Psychosocial components of ethical monotheism
Funded by the Dangoor Foundation
Researchers: Ruth Sheldon, Stephen Frosh, Lenita Torning, Ben Gidley

Welfare, neighbourhood and new geographies of diversity
Funded by the OUP John Fell Fund
Researchers: Mette Louise Berg, Ben Gidley, Caroline Oliver, Hiranthi Jayaweera, Rachel Humphris, Simon Rowe
Project findings | Breakfast Briefing

Religious faith, space and diasporic communities in East London: 1880 – present
Funded by the Leverhulme Oxford Diaspora Programme
Researchers: Jane Garnett, Alana Harris, Michael Keith, Ben Gidley, Nazneen Ahmed

Past projects

Antisemitism and Immigration in Western Europe

Funded by the Remembrance, Responsibility and Future Foundation (EVZ)

Researchers: David Feldman, Leo Lucassen, Marco Martiniello, Nonna Mayer, Stefanie Schüler Springorum, Ben Gidley, Jan Davison, Rachel Humphris, Ieisha James

UK report | Transnational report | 171bus blogposts

UPSTREAM: Developing Effective Strategies for the Mainstreaming of Integration Governance
Funded by the European Integration Fund
Researchers: Ben Gidley, Ole Jensen
UK report | 171bus blogposts

Integration Policies: Who benefits?
Funded by the European Integration Fund
Researcher: Ben Gidley
Press coverage | 171bus blogposts

Attitudes to Migrants, Communication and Local Leadership (AMICALL)
Funded by the European Integration Fund
Researchers: Ben Gidley, Sarah Spencer, Vanessa Hughes, Joaqin Arango, Elisa Brey, Han Entzinger, Attila Melagh, Irina Molodikova, Ferruccio Pastore, Peter Scholten, Stijn Verbeek
Final UK report | Final report | 171bus posts

Image result for "concordia discors" projectConcordia Discors
Funded by the European Integration Fund
Researchers: Ole Jensen, Ben Gidley
Final UK report | Final report | 171bus blogposts

Image result for oxford future of citiesGlobal migration and the right to the cities of the future
Funded by the Oxford Future of Cities Programme
Researchers: Michael Keith, Ben Gidley, Hiranthi Jayaweera, Kristen Biehl

Image result for eu-miaEU-MIA: European Migrant Integration Academy
Funded by the European Integration Fund
Researchers: Ben Gidley, Ole Jensen, Ida Persson, Simon Rowe (COMPAS), Ferruccio Pastore, Irene Ponzo, Emanuela Roman, Francesco Tarantino (FIERI)
Discussion Paper | Videos | 171bus posts

Citizenship and Integration in the UK
Funded by the European Integration Fund
Researchers: Ben Gidley, Dina Kiwan, Zoe Khor, Alessio Cangiano, Sarah Spencer
Final report | 171bus blogposts

Greater London Authority – An Evidence Base on Migration and Integration in London (2010)
Funded by the Mayor of London
Researchers: Ben Gidley, Hiranthi Jayaweera, Sarah Spencer
Final report

Contemporary Anglo-Jewish Community and Leadership: Coping with Multiculturalism (2008-2009)
Funded by ESRC
Researchers: Ben Gidley, Keith Kahn-Harris
Research report | Book

Mobilising Knowledge – Solving the interaction gap between older people, planners, experts and general citizens within the Thames Gateway (May 2007-October 2008).
Funded by Urban Buzz
Researchers: Gesche Wuerfel, Alison Rooke, Ben Gidley, Michael Keith, Simon Rowe, Rebecca Maguire
Final publication

Beyond the Numbers Game (2006-2007)
Funded by EQUAL (European Social Fund) Inclusion Through Media Programme
Researchers: Ben Gidley, Tony Dowmunt, Imogen Slater, Marjorie Mayo
Final report

Image result for joseph rowntree foundationGovernance and Diversity: Fluid Communities, Solid Structures (2006-2007)
Funded by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Researcher: Dr Marj Mayo, Dr Ben Gidley, Dr Kalbir Shukra
Final report | Report summary

Image result for rothschild foundation europeFrom Security to Insecurity: Research project on Jewish community and British multiculturalism (2007-2008)
Funded by:  Rothschild Foundation Europe.
Researchers: Ben Gidley, Keith Kahn-Harris

Newtown Neighbourhood Project: Community cohesion and action research project in semi-rural housing estate with high settled Traveller population (2006-2008)
Funded by: Housing Corporation, delivered in partnership with West Kent Extra and real strategies Ltd.
Researchers: Alison Rooke, Ben Gidley
Final report

Camberwell Advocacy Project/Sceaux Gardens Life History Project: Development of a multi-disciplinary research and advocacy tool to be used in deprived micro-neighbourhoods (2005-2008)
Funded by: Camberwell Neighbourhood Renewal, delivered in partnership with ATD 4th World.
Researchers: Ben Gidley, Alison Rooke, Kalbir Shukra, and Karen Wells

Positive Futures Case Study Research Project (2004-2006)
Funded by Home Office
Researchers: Tim Crabbe, Ben Gidley, Imogen Slater, Gavin Bailey

Final report 

Supporting Neighbourhood Management in Lewisham (2004-2005)
Funded by Hyde Plus
Researcher: Ben Gidley, Luis Jimenez

Local Knowlege for Local Solutions (2003)
Funded by London Borough of Southwark
Researchers: Geraldine Blake, Jess Steele, Ben Gidley, Neil Spicer, Marj Mayo

Evaluating Social Policy and Regeneration Initiatives in Lewisham (2001-)
Funded by various: see individual projects.
Researchers: Ben Gidley, Imogen Slater, Ruth Ogier, Kalbir Shukra, Hiroki Ogasawara, Anan Collymore

Image result for "pepys community forum"Pepys Community Development (2000-2005)
Funded by SRB
Researchers: Professor Michael Keith, Professor Marj Mayo, Dr Ben Gidley

Image result for sure startEvaluating Sure Start (2002-2003)
Funded by London Borough of Lewisham
Researchers: Anan Collymore, Joanna Sadler, Ben Gidley

Building Bridges: the evaluation of Creekside Single Regeneration Budget Partnership (1997-2002)
Funded by Creekside SRB
Researchers: Professor Michael Keith, Dr Fran Tonkiss, Professor Marj Mayo, Alison Rooke, Heidi Seetzen, Dr Jean Anastacio, Dr Ben Gidley

Integrated Communities and Sustainable Regeneration: Building Community Perspectives into Evaluation and Training (1998-2000)

Case studies of community involvement in local regeneration in Greenwich waterside, Kings Cross, Barnsley and Aston/Newtown Birmingham.

Funded by Joseph Rowntrees Foundation Area Regeneration Programme
Researchers: Professor Michael Keith, Professor Marj Mayo, Jean Anastacio, Danny Burns, Dr Ben Gidley

Final report

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