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Selected book chapters

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The case of the United Kingdom, Berlin: EVZ.

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Selected short periodical articles etc

2017, “Why Are U.K. Progressives Still Celebrating a Grotesque anti-Semite and Holocaust Denier?” Ha’aretz, October 28.

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Podcasts and videos

Gefilte fish and syndicalism [mp3], Podcast of talk at JSG commemoration of the hnudredth anniversary of the tailors’ and dockers’ strikes of 1912, via Resonance FM Circled A.

Cittadinanza e integrazione nel Regno Unito [embedded video], Sky-Italy, July 2011

Who are the UK’s new citizens? [iTunesU] This podcast presents a profile of Britain’s new citizens, and what we can learn from them about the relationship between settlement, citizenship and integration. COMPAS Breakfast Briefing 16 Aug 2011, 18 mins

Migrants in London: Policy Challenges [embedded video], Migration Observatory, April 2011

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