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February 2019, TV appearance: “The resurgence of anti-Semitism: Alarm in France over increasing attacks, violent rhetoric“, The Debate France24.

July 2018, quote: “The vicious circle of Islamist terrorism and far-right extremism”, Christian Science Monitor

June 2018, podcast: Identity, belonging and citizenship in urban Britain, Centre for Urban and Community Research

February 2018, podcast: Islamophobia and Antisemitism parliamentary symposium.

October 2017, op ed: “Why Are U.K. Progressives Still Celebrating a Grotesque anti-Semite and Holocaust Denier?” Ha’aretz.

May 2017, Video: “Is Marine Le Pen a fascist?” for

January 2017, Interview: “La France et l’Angleterre au bord de la crise de nerfs“, FranceCulture radio.

6 July 2015, Quote: ““, El Correo, quoting me on extremism in the UK.

June 2015, blogging: Three blogposts on the UK’s migrant integration record: LeftFootForward, The Conversation, MRN Migration Pulse.

30 April 2015,  Interview: “We Are All Zionists Now: How EasyJet and anti-Zionism are turning British Jews into Israelis”, The Tablet, quoting me on UK Jewish patterns of belonging.

9 February 2015, Quote: “Treat internet trolls like sex offenders, says anti-Semitism report“,, quoting me on antisemitism.

2014, Interview: Interview on diversity, Max Planck Institute

25 May 2014, radio appearance: Speaking English, BBC London 94.9 (I comment on migrant integration, clip at 8:05)

7 August 2013, Quote: “One in ten Britons”, Independent quoting me on trends in segregation

1 September 2012, Quote: “Selling Out“, The Economist, loosely quoting me on patterns of movement in south London.

2011, Video: On the diasporas of East London, Oxford Diasporas Programme.

27 July 2011, Video interview: “Cittadinanza e integrazione nel Regno Unito“, Sky-Italy, interviewed discussing citizenship and integration.

2011, various guest blogs, including Muslim Institute (Part 1, part 2); Living Together The New Londoners; Dissent on-line; MRN Migration Pulse blog.

28 July 2010, Interview: Keith Kahn-Harris and Ben Gidley, Simon Round, The Jewish Chronicle Online

28 August 2009, featured in “The First War on Terror“, guiding Hari Kunzru around East London (details at Hari’s website, audio from Christie Books).

26 June 2008, press release: “Migrants often ignored in community decision-making“, Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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